Now working on showing latest x no. of entries from a CPT that also belong to the same taxonomy as the current one on single CPT pages.

Update 1: Wanted to get this done using Custom Content Shortcode plugin and got it working after some research.

Update 2: My following code with Custom Content Shortcode is missing the exclude=this part. Need to look into this later as to why.

<?php start_short(); ?>
[pass taxonomy_loop=support_category current=true]
[loop exists type=support taxonomy=support_category term={TERM} count=10 exclude=this]
	<h3 class="other-articles">Other articles in this section</h3>
	<ul class="more-articles">
		<li>[field title-link]</li>
<?php end_short(); ?>

In the meantime, I published a tutorial on how to do this the “standard” way here:…

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